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Z / Zeek Mitchell: the Merger Begins

This Friday, my new Z single … MAN IN BLACK … will be released on all the Digital Streaming Platforms … such as Spotify, Apple, Amazon, etc. (Link in comments below).

MAN IN BLACK will be my first song to be released under my newly merged musical name / identity … “Zeek Mitchell Z”.

Up until now, I was releasing music under 2 different identities … (“Z” & “Zeek Mitchell”) ... representing 2 alter egos and broad genres of my music. It made sense conceptually, but ...

Turns out, as an independent artist, it is simply too hard & expensive to brand & maintain 2 identities. Plus, the letter “Z” was either un-searchable or easily confused with other “Z” artists. Lessons learned regarding inefficiencies.

Despite the inefficiencies ... in the past 20 months or so … my music quietly amassed approximately ½-Million streams!

Unfortunately, as I move through this merger, the majority, if not all of those ½-Million streams will disappear in the process. There are several reasons why. One involves the age-old story of an unscrupulous music business person providing digital marketing support whom jumbled up needed access to certain accounts & data ... in turn, scamming royalties. (Shocking, right)?

Well, I’m nothing if not persistent. So, that person has been replaced and we move on. I’m looking forward to completing this merger and then continuing to rise up!

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