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Check out my most recent release below!

Into the Shadows

June 2022

RECORD PERFORMERS: Z - Keys, Vocals Jay Davidson - saxophone & horns arrangement (Steve Winwood, Whitney Houston, Cinderella, In The Pocket and many others) Mitch Beer – Bass (Digable Planets and many others) Andy Meyer – Drums (The Living Sample and many others) Joey DiTullio - Guitars (Eponymous, In The Pocket, Z / Zeek Mitchell, haZy cosmic jive, and others) Emily Drinker & Fawziyaa Heart – background vocals AUDIO PERFORMANCE TRACKS: Recording / Recording Engineering – Joey DiTullio Final Mix (record) – Mario McNulty (David Bowie, Willow Smith, NIN & many others) Master (record) – Dave McNair

Eight Cover Art.jpg


January 2022

RECORD PERFORMERS Z - Keys, Organ, Lead Vocals David Uosikkinen - Drums (The Hooters, In The Pocket, Smash Palace, Z / Zeek Mitchell and others) Mitch Beer - Bass (Digable Planets, Eponymous, and others) Jay Davidson - Sax (Steve Winwood, Whitney Houston, Cinderella, The Funk Brothers, and others) Joey DiTullio - Guitar (Eponymous, In The Pocket, Z / Zeek Mitchell, haZy cosmic jive, and others) Fawziyya Heart - Background Vocals (Worldtown Soundsystems, Eponymous, and others) Audio Performance Tracks Recording / Recording Engineering – Joey DiTullio Final Mix / Master (record) – William Wittman

Dark Light

December 2021

RECORD PERFORMERS: Z - Keys, Vocals Jack Daley – Bass (Lenny Kravitz, Little Stephen, Spin Doctors, and many others) Steve Wolfe (“Wolf”) – Drum Programming (Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Aretha, Grover Washington Jr. and many others) Joey DiTullio - Guitars (Eponymous, In The Pocket, Z / Zeek Mitchell, haZy cosmic jive, and others) Emily Drinker – background vocals AUDIO PERFORMANCE TRACKS: Recording / Recording Engineering – Joey DiTullio Final Mix (record) – Mario McNulty (David Bowie, Willow Smith, NIN & many others) Master (record) – Dave McNair


November 2021

RECORD PERFORMERS Composed by Zeek Mitchell (Z) Performed by: Z- Vocals, Keyboards Joey DiTullio- Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Drums, Background Vocals Autumn Walden- Background Vocals Michael G. Ronstadt- Cello Engineer: Joey DiTullio Co-Producers: Z, Joey DiTullio, Will Wittman Final Mix/Master: Will Wittman

Stay album graphic.JPG
Power Album Art - final.jpeg


October 2021

Anchored by the rhythm tracks of Steve Wolfe (“Wolf” – drums – Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Grover Washington Jr, etc.) and Jack Daley (Lenny Kravitz’s bass player for 15 years, Little Stephen, etc.), this unstoppable funk-rock groove needs to be on repeat.  With Z on keys & lead vox, Joey DiTullio exercising his considerable guitar chops, Emily Drinker & Fawziyya Heart tag-teaming the “pump-up-the volume” background vox, and mixed by Grammy winner, Mario McNulty, this track can’t be listened to just once.  


September 2021

What if you were painfully aware that your time on this earth was rapidly ticking down?  Struggling for a breath. How would you feel?  HELP finds Z exploring depths of isolation, loneliness and fear perhaps only last heard in David Bowie songs.  The Bowie connection continues, as this track features Gail Ann Dorsey, Bowie’s bass player from 1995 until he passed, on Bass and BGVox … and was mixed by Grammy winner, Mario McNulty, one of Bowe’s go-to engineers during the 2nd half of his career.  Supported by Joey Ditullio on guitar & recording and Lia Menaker on additional BGVox, let this hypnotic, trip-hop track take you onto the open water and see how it feels.  


August 2021

The flip side of the use of POWER from Man In Black.  In this song, the character with power uses it for good … turning brown earth into “gold”.  Mitch Beer (bass, Digable Planets, etc) & David Uosikinnen (drums, Hooters, In The Pocket, Z, etc) team up again to lay down the driving rhythm on this burner.  Z covers all the keys & vox, drifting from crooner-esque verses to urgent choruses.  Joey DiTullio mans the guitars and tracks recording.  Grammy winner, William Wittman, mixes & masters, providing some ambient production effects consistent with MAN IN BLACK.    

MIB Album Art graphic.JPG

Man in Black

July 2021

Try to ignore the bass line on this funk-rock excursion.  Mitch Beer (bass, Digable Planets, etc.) and David Uosikinnen (The Hooters, In The Pocket, Z, etc.) lay down the nasty groove.  The song is rounded out by Z on keys & vox and Joey DiTullio & Cory Wilson on guitars.  Mixed by Grammy winner, William Wittman (Cyndi Lauper, Joan Osborne, Hooters), WW does a great job adding the creepy production effects appropriate for this song.  MAN IN BLACK explores the “evil that men do”, as MIB torments the protagonist from toddler through young adult.  Yes, MIB will steal your “gold”. 


January 2019

This single has become a fan favorite and synonymous with early Z material.  Written by Z, he collaborated with tremendous engineers (The Ones Group & Gradwell House & Grammy award-winner William Wittman) & co-producers (FortuneWest & Kevon Glickman) & musicians (including Eric Bazilian & David Uosikkinen, both from The Hooters).  He is proud to be able to present fans with this sample of his work. Have a listen and discover the magic of music by Z.


December 2018

With a nod to musical history, Seduction / Intuition is a 2-sided (A/B) single. Digging deep into his musical influences, Z unleashes an industrial / dance couplet, full of rich synth soundscapes, sensual (if not sexual) moods & grooves, including flirtations with 4-on-the-floor.  The lyrics are equally complex:  biting snapshots of the realities and contradictions of relationships, with layered vocal melodies and harmonies to match the moods & subject matter.  Enjoy these musical journeys.


Can't Get it Right

December 2018

Have a listen to the single "Can't Get It Right" and you'll get the idea.

For those times when as hard as you try, try as you might, you just Can't Get it Right.

Z's Alter Ego - "Zeek Mitchell"

Z has an alter ego … Zeek Mitchell.  Zeek Mitchell material is more pop & power pop oriented ... with classic & singer-songwriter influences.  In November & December of 2018, Zeek Mitchell released a series of singles. While more pop oriented, Zeek Mitchell musical & lyrical themes are equally contradictory … exploring dark & light moods … songs of the heart & heartless.

Whose Anthem?

December 2018

We only get one life... Let's not allow our differences to divide us...I stand for unity, not necessarily for the anthem. It's time we set an example for the rest of the world; "Let's come together.."

I wrote this song "Whose Anthem?" after waking from a dream, I was fortunate enough to have found a group of people from all walks of life that had the same vision I did.

"Zeek, you are 52 years old..not really the best time to start a music career." I proved them wrong and followed what was in my heart. If I can do it, I hope to inspire you to follow your dreams.

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