January 2019

This single has become a fan favorite and synonymous with early Z material.  Written by Z, he collaborated with tremendous engineers (The Ones Group & Gradwell House & Grammy award-winner William Wittman) & co-producers (FortuneWest & Kevon Glickman) & musicians (including Eric Bazilian & David Uosikkinen, both from The Hooters).  He is proud to be able to present fans with this sample of his work. Have a listen and discover the magic of music by Z.


December 2018

With a nod to musical history, Seduction / Intuition is a 2-sided (A/B) single. Digging deep into his musical influences, Z unleashes an industrial / dance couplet, full of rich synth soundscapes, sensual (if not sexual) moods & grooves, including flirtations with 4-on-the-floor.  The lyrics are equally complex:  biting snapshots of the realities and contradictions of relationships, with layered vocal melodies and harmonies to match the moods & subject matter.  Enjoy these musical journeys.

Z's Alter Ego - "Zeek Mitchell"

December 2018

Z has an alter ego … Zeek Mitchell.  Zeek Mitchell material is more pop & power pop oriented ... with classic & singer-songwriter influences.  In November & December of 2018, Zeek Mitchell released a series of singles and an EP ("Permanent Smile").  While more pop oriented, Zeek Mitchell musical & lyrical themes are equally contradictory … exploring dark & light moods … songs of the heart & heartless. Have a listen to the single "Can't Get It Right" and you'll get the idea.