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MIB & POWER – 2 Sides of a Coin on the Use of Power

My monthly new single release in July was MAN IN BLACK (MIB). My August single release was POWER. I considered releasing them together as a double-sided A/B single. This was for several reasons.

First, there is some consistency in style / genre. Both songs have funk rock elements. MIB is a bit more funk. POWER is a bit more rock. And because of the style similarities, as well as the lyrical them similarities (discussed below) … and because I was considering a combined release … I made sure to include certain production consistencies, like certain effects.

But most significant of the reasons I considered a 2-sided single release, is the lyrical / concept themes that cut across both songs. The songs are like 2 sides of a coin of the use of power.

In MIB, the “man in black” character … who is as dark as the devil … uses his power for evil purposes … tormenting human souls to do his evil bidding. I (“Z”) like to explore extremes of human nature. The MIB is the darkest end of the Z spectrum, for sure.

In POWER, Z (the protagonist) uses his power for the purposes of good. He is the “good Z.” Yet in all his good, that Z character is complex … a bit of a megalomaniac … though extraordinarily empathetic & trying to do good … even in the face of great challenges. In fact, in the video, he fights against great challenges & odds to rescue a friend (a love?) from the evil MIB (yes, MIB makes an appearance in POWER). The good Z & the evil Z have an epic literal & figurative duel between good & evil.

The theme of innate goodness that is corruptible cuts across both songs / videos. In MIB, the man in black “steals your gold”. In POWER, the good Z “turns brown earth into gold”. “Gold” being a reference to youth, innocence and innate goodness. In MIB, gold is, in fact, stolen leading to horrific actions by the tormented toddler-turned-teenager-turned-young-adult. In POWER, gold is preserved. In fact, the good Z is able to “take away the pain, hurt & shame” that can lead to downward spirals and, then, who knows what kind of behavior or psychoses.

For a variety of logistical reasons, I chose to release these songs as separate singles. However, listening to these songs … or seeing these videos … back to back … is an artistically worthwhile experience (IMHO)

with this background in mind.

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