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MAN IN BLACK - Released

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

MAN IN BLACK hit the streaming platforms (“stores”) in the wee hours this morning. It’s the first single I’m dropping into my newly created / merged “Zeek Mitchell Z” digital musical identity. Fitting in that it is a song that introduces the dark-side “Man in Black” character (Z ??), around which a number of songs within my “DARK LIGHT” compilation are written.

(Audio & video streaming links here)

I’ll talk about the origin & meaning of MAN IN BLACK in future posts. For now, I just want to acknowledge & thank the world-class performers & engineers who supported the making of this record.


Z - Keys, Lead Vocals

David Uosikkinen – Drums (The Hooters, In The Pocket, Smash Palace, Z / Zeek Mitchell and others)

Mitch Beer - Bass (Digable Planets, Eponymous, and others)

Joey DiTullio - Guitar (Eponymous, In The Pocket, Z / Zeek Mitchell, haZy cosmic jive, and others)

Cory Wilson – supplementary guitars (Fortune West)

Supporting Outro Background Vocals – Fawziyya Heart (Worldtown Soundsystems, Eponymous, and others) & Mason (Ones Group)


Production - Z

Audio Performance Tracks Recording / Recording Engineering – Joey DiTullio

Final Mix / Master – William Wittman (Grammy Award winning engineer / producer, bass player & multi-instrumentalist, musical director for Cyndi Lauper)

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