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HELP - My September Release Overview

HELP! My September 2021 new-song release is called HELP. It officially released on 9/27 and can be accessed with the attached link.

This one is particularly meaningful to me for a number of reasons. I’ll list them briefly here but, over the next week or so, I’ll discuss them in more detail …

EMPATHY AS INSPIRATION. The song, while able to be interpreted universally, was inspired by deep personal empathy … what I imagined my mother (or anyone) must feel like … while FACING DEATH … and ultimately accepting that fate. My mother passed exactly 1 yr ago from my Pre-Save date (9/20) … hence the significance of that date.

COLLABORATORS. As usual, my man Joey DiTullio & I worked this song out in his studio … and there are plenty of great stories to share about that. But I also had a great collaboration with Lia Menaker that I’m looking forward to sharing. Further, this song finds me reconnected with a childhood friend … Steven Wolf (aka “Wolf”) … who became one of the A-list touring/studio/programming drummers in the music industry. Moreover … this song found me in collaboration with folks from the David Bowie camp (see below) …

THE BOWIE CONNECTION. Some of you know I have a David Bowie tribute band called haZy cosmic jive. This song, probably more than any song I have ever written, finds me channeling that “Bowie influence”. Coincidentally, this song is mixed by one of Bowie’s “guys” … Mario J McNulty … one of Bowie’s go-to recording engineers / mixers / co-producers during the second half of Bowe’s career. And most significantly, the song includes GAIL!!! (see below) …

Gail Ann Dorsey. I can barely contain my excitement & gratitude in announcing that Gail Ann Dorsey plays bass and sings with me on this song. Gail was David Bowie’s bass player from 1995 until he passed … and she has played with Lenny Kravitz & many other greats … and is an amazing solo artist, as well. She is also one of the coolest souls on planet earth. There is much more to say about this … and I will … but I’ll just say here that her bass playing was perfect and her voice is magical on this song (and always).

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