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CREDITS - Mitch Beer ... the smoothest bass on tap

Mitch Beer plays bass on both of my new releases: MAN IN BLACK and POWER.

I met Mitch a few years ago when David Uosikkinen recommended him for cutting a new bass track on my song MYSTIC … when Kevon Glickman & I decided to re-cut the rhythm tracks to that song … taking it from a trip-hop VIBE to an alt/prog-rock anthem.

Like Dave, Mitch totally knows how to dissect and adapt his playing style into the song’s needs. Like me, Mitch is a trip-hop fan, so we kept those little trip-hop drop steps in the MYSTIC verses. But MAN IN BLACK called for some deep funk-rock with jazz flairs … and POWER called for power-rock with funk elements. Mitch dug into what was needed and slayed each song.

Mitch has a wealth & breadth of experience that he brings to the table. He has toured internationally with Digable Planets (jazz rap; and alternative hip hop) and has played with all styles of regional solo artists & bands, (including a wedding band) … so he can literally play it all. He is also a seasoned studio bass player, recording engineer and producer … who has worked with top performers (Tom Cameron / 1403) and other top engineers and producers (David Ivory and Joe ‘The Jazz Butcher” Nicolo).

Check out more about Mitch Beer … the smoothest bass on tap ...

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