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CREDITS: Joey DiTullio ... MIB, Power, and way more ...

Joey DiTullio plays guitars and is the recording engineer on both of my new releases: MAN IN BLACK and POWER.

I met Joey 2 years ago … in 2019 … when David Uosikkinen recommended him as a guitarist / support vox for my solo shows & projects. Joey has been playing with Dave and his In The Pocket crew for many years (in spite of his youth). Yes, it is true that Joey is young enough to be my son. But it is long past time to recognize Joey solely for his considerable talents, rather than the “young guitar phenom” or similar comments about his youth.

The dude is simply talented AF. I noticed it first when rehearsing for the very first gig for which he joined me & Dave … which was almost exactly 2 years ago.

“This guy is a sponge” I found myself saying. There didn’t seem to be “too much” that I could pile on that he couldn't absorb. I think we only practiced 2 times for a 90-minute set … primarily original material, with covers mixed in (the majority of which I doubt Joey had ever heard before). Musicians will tell you that is quite a bit of (new) material to absorb … and he did so with seeming comfort. This is, in part, because he has one of those “instant ears”, where he can instantly follow / play along to almost any song (within reason). And I clearly could have added even more vox responsibility, though I didn’t want to test those limits at the time.

Most people who know Joey or have seen him play also know he can be as charismatic & entertaining as anyone. And he has “the look” … “the rock n roll goods”.

But it’s not that he “can play” just about anything … and that he can be entertaining. For me, it’s almost the opposite … it’s the mature way he plays … with instinct & nuance. I enjoy playing with Joey in intimate duo scenarios … live in-person or during our live Z Streams … as much as when we rock it out with full band formats for my “Z” original material or our Bowie-tribute “haZy cosmic jive”.

I also came to find out 2 years ago that Joey was a great recording engineer, as well. I decided to give him a shot as my engineer when I decided to record a Hanukkah song for a holiday compilation. I was quickly impressed with the productivity level I could achieve, given that he was a multi-instrumentalist (allowing us to quickly lay down scratch tracks to get to high-quality demos that we could then tweak in production) AND what a “gamer” he was (meaning his effectiveness moving around in his recording software platform was as proficient as anyone I’ve seen … like an elite video gamer … like the way he can complete a Rubric’s Cube in about 10 seconds).

Since then, we’ve been off to the races. Even through COVID. Live shows. A bunch of recording … of songs in all kinds of genres. A bunch of hi-tech Live Streaming. Creating videos from live performances. You name it.

His skill set has been expanding and seems limitless. He is now a partner in a new “productions” division of a recording studio / label: ROTATION PRODUCTIONS.

If you need recording engineering, live show sound and / or videos, or production support for any type of audio-visual effort (like live streaming, interviews, promos or podcasts) … I suggest you reach out to Joey … JDT Rocks (


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