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CREDITS - David Uosikkinen on MIB & Power

David Uosikkinen plays drums on both of my new releases: MAN IN BLACK and POWER.

Most know David from his 40+ years of playing with THE HOOTERS. Many also know David’s band IN THE POCKET. (You can order the new ITP album “THE PHILLY SPECIAL” at ... Dave will even sign your album). You can catch ITP at Ardmore Music Hall on September 25.

Some know he also plays regularly with SMASH PALACE. Some also-also know he plays periodically with other local acts (ex: yours truly) & national acts (ex: Linda Gail Lewis), as his schedule allows. And that he still teaches drums to youngsters … and that he can remotely record your drum tracks at his home recording studio.

But one thing that EVERYONE knows when they meet Dave is what a great dude he is! Although I met Dave a few times in the late 80’s and early 90’s, we didn’t truly connect until the first time he played on a track of mine (MYSTIC) a few years ago. It’s when I got to know just how great a person he is. Dave didn’t hesitate to become a friend, provide counsel, and jump on board my solo band & recording projects.

It turns out Dave & I have a great number of influences / favorite artists in common: Little Feat, Bowie, Nine Inch Nails (he taught drummer Ilan Rubin as a youngster), and Todd Rundgren, etc.. He’s got as many great music biz stories as anyone I’ve ever known. And most important … Dave is one of those guys who remembers the little stuff about you & your interactions … it makes it so easy to root for this guy!

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