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BIRTHDAY: Z15 or Z55?

A couple weeks ago was my birthday (July 27 ... yes, I'm a Leo). The calendar says I’m supposed to be 55. But, in so many ways, I still feel like I’m 15. Which is why I used to perform solo under the moniker “Z15”. (My life-long nickname + a reference age).

Who / what is Z? You can find out some here ... Home | Z (

In what ways do I still feel 15? Well, to start, I should say that I was probably a mature (“older soul”) 15-yr old. With a mindset that had a perpetual, youthful time stamp, I guess.

I was full of gratitude then & now.

I felt blessed then & now.

I was adventurous and intrepid then & now.

I stayed fit physically then & now. In some ways I feel as good now as then. I’m at least as strong. But, of course, I’m not as aerobically fit and don’t recover from pushing things now like I did then. But I still feel like, if I took my current level and focused for a couple / few months, I could hold my own (at least on activities that don’t require heavy duty “distance training”),

I was curious then & now. The earth’s and universe’s natural processes? An economic theory? A musical instrument? Your story, his story, her story? … tell me what, why, where, how?

So ... putting all this together ... I guess that is why I decided 2-3 years ago to jump into music again at a (aspirational) pro level … it has required and will continue to require all of that energy, creativity, intrepidness, grit & gratitude & perseverance. I knew that and figured … being in my 50’s … I better give it a go now, while I still can.

And so … here we are. Being Z … Z15 or Z55? … it doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is thriving.

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